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Mar 24, 2013 10:00pm PDT
challenge to the federal defense of marriage act will be heard this week. there was a rally in new york today. >> reporter: people are camping out in front of the supreme court. tuesday they focus on california's proposition 8. wednesday the court looks at the constitution natural tickets of the act. >> this ultimately is not about marriage. it's about fundamentally altering society. >> reporter: austin is part of the legal team defending proposition 8 band. >> this is the last time we need them to interject themselves and remove rights from the people. >> reporter: hundreds of the people who wanted to see this made their voices heard. >> reporter: they organized events in all 50 states to build momentum. >> give me a break. i've earned this, a spot being an american. >> reporter: nine states and the district of columbia recognize same sex marriages. >> i'm realizeing today it's important to me as a parent not to have someone tell my kid who they can marry. >>> republican strategist karl roe can imagine supporting same sex marriage. there is less opposition opposition. rob horton now su
Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
would ask for one year in county jail. >> reporter: late this afternoon his defense attorney told the prosecution that he's won nearly $400,000 in winnings from gambling. where that money is now to be accessed to pay as restitution. >>> oakland's top cop is on the offensive, a p.r. offensive. kpix 5 tells us while hisofficers worked to clean up the streets that the chief is busy clean up the department's image. >> we're going to be doing things differently. >> reporter: whether it is announcing police patrols. >> this is the first step in doing it. >> reporter: counting the latest criminal sweeps. >> we have a lot of good news. >> reporter: or knocking back bad stories. oakland police chief has recently become a lot more aggressive when it comes to dealing with the press. >> we want to be a person to tell our story. and as the chief of police it is my responsibility to do that. >> reporter: maybe, but in recent years events like occupy along with questions about the police shootings and the conduct and the fear of the federal takeover in the department, they often had the cops pla
Mar 25, 2013 10:00pm PDT
supreme court justices will hear arguments in the case of the defense of marriage act, which denies federal benefits to same-sex couples. the decisions are expected in june. in san francisco, linda ye, kpix5. >>> bad weather and freezing temperatures cannot keep the crowds away from the u.s. supreme court. people have been camping out in the rain and snow since thursday. hoping to get inside for this week's session. there are just 250 general public seats available for each case. >>> coming up, someone stole her dog when she fell asleep on bart. >> pure panic. i was delirious. >> tonight, how archie was reunited with his owner. >>> and a grandmother trapped in her car under water. her family says it's because something her car did all on its own. >>> and the new rules you need to know about before you file your taxes. >>> a couple showers right now popping up on kpix5. high definition doppler radar and the rain chances heading toward easter weekend are just getting started. details on when it is most likely to rain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, about 50 percent o >>> if you haven't filed
Mar 23, 2013 10:00pm PDT
hate out of it. >> the supreme court will hear arguments on tuesday, and the federal defense of marriage act is heard on wednesday. the court will not rule until late june. >>> diane feinstein is cosponsoring an amendment, the drakes bay oyster company is the only in the national seashore. the government wants to remove the oysters and return the area to wilderness. the ruling allows the farm to stay open until a hearing to appeal that decision in may. mr. obama arrived at joint andrews in maryland, j >>> president obama is back home. he arrived in maryland a few hours ago after visiting idrail, the west bank -- israel, the west bank, and jordan. but it wasn't all business. the president managed to do some history-minute sight-seeing before he left. >> reporter: president obama, the tourist, walked through the ancient city of petra in jordan. >> spectacular. >> reporter: in iman, he met with king abdullah, and announced he's working to deliver an additional $200 million in aid to help jordan care for the more than 460,000 refugees. >> the sight of children and women being slaugh
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4